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Here at RITCHY, we believe that e-cigarettes are one of the greatest discoveries of recent time.

This revolutionary invention has turned the tobacco industry on its head and given millions of smokers worldwide the ideal alternative to traditional smoking. Right from 2003, when Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik, made the first
e-cigarette prototype as we know it today in Beijing, the number of users has grown rapidly.

The great popularity of
e-cigarettes is a result of its indisputable benefits

Which include above all the elimination of the negative consequences of traditional smoking. Using e-cigarettes does not produce the smell of ash, nor any of the more than 4000 chemicals produced by traditional cigarettes, many of which are carcinogenic. It is the absence of these chemicals caused by the imperfect combustion of tobacco and paper which is a key argument for consumers to choose e-cigarettes.

There is also a fundamentally different impact on the human body. E-cigarette users are not subject to unpleasant smells from their mouths or clothes, yellow teeth or nails, or other disgusting secondary effects which the traditional smoker cannot avoid. E-cigarettes produce water vapour which disappears within a few seconds, and absolutely no unpleasant smell. As such, e-cigarettes can be used in places where traditional smoking is banned.

Another huge advantage is the markedly lower costs for using your e-cigarette. Compared to traditional cigarettes, the cost of using e-cigarettes is up to 5 times lower than tobacco products for a typical consumer. The typical smoker of 1 pack of cigarettes per day will eliminate 7300 traditional cigarettes per year by changing over to e-cigarettes.

Farsightedness, agility
and progressiveness.

Our company has started its activity since 2008 year.
We are the official distributers of the company "Ritchy Group LTD" ( LIQUA).
Thereby we guarantee our clients only original production for e-cigarettes, with all necessary sertificates, approved by European laboratory.
Also we are glad to offer you a qualitative production of worlds well-known companies, as: Kangertech, Joyetech, Eleaf, Smok, Aspire, Cloupor, GS Ego-Two, Tesla.
In our internet-shop you can acquire everything for beginners, also for the Vaipers with experience as well.
We always do our best to offer our clients only the newest production of e-industry.

More than 70 countries worldwide

where the RITCHY and LIQUA brands have achieved a strong position as top quality premium products.

2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014


Joined e-cig industry
in Russia and CIS
through e-commerce


Launched Ritchy Brand
– OEM production in China

Ritchy US

Distribution center
in Kansas

Ritchy CIS

Ritchy CIS in Moscow
– distribution center


Launched Manufacturing
Facility in China (Shenzhen)

Ritchy EU

In Czech Republic – sales, marketing, distribution center


In the begginings the founders became the first ambassadors for their own products, which have moved on to a whole new level thanks to continuous innovation in development. It wasn’t long before they moved on from running one of the first e-cigarette
e-shops to the next strategic step – opening their own showroom, which represented the passion of the founders and introduced the general public to the product. Shortly afterwards, RITCHY became a leader in the e-cigarette field, offering professional advice and services in the sector. Distributors from various parts of Russia and the CIS began to express great interest, and this resulted in national distribution spreading wider. Just two years later, our first manufacturing facilities opened in Shenzhen, which meant we acquired full control over production and subsequent inspection.

As such, we are distinguished from the many OEM brands who do not have this advantage. Right from our beginnings, we have been aware of the strength of human potential and we have never stopped investing in building up a network of professionals, as can be seen in the high level and efficiency of our R&D department. Today, our factory numbers over 100 professionals from various fields. Because we are aware of the need to be ever closer to our partners and customers, we founded a key distribution centre and dealership for the whole of North America in Kansas (USA) in 2012. A year later, we opened our European headquarters in Prague (Czech Republic), where as well as our distribution centre, we also have a regional sales and marketing department. As a result, we are able to provide our services faster, to a higher quality, and above all closer to you.


Thanks to continuing efforts to expand our borders. We have quickly grown from our original 3 employees to 200 professionals from various fields. Just two years after the company was founded, RITCHY opened its first manufacturing premises in Shenzhen, at the same place where well-known brands such as Apple and Lenovo operate.

In order that RITCHY could cover the rapid growth in demand and be closer to its customers and business partners, we opened 4 distribution centres in 3 continents — in the USA (Kansas), in Europe (Prague), Russia (Moscow) and China (Shenzhen). Our headquarters are located in Prague, the heart of Europe, and cover global marketing activities and sales support throughout the whole of the EU.

The result is global reach for consumers and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide where the RITCHY and LIQUA brands have achieved a strong position as top quality premium products. Through active co-operation with all our partners, we have built up long-term business relations based on mutual trust, respect and the use of all means to move the brand to market leader position in ever more countries throughout the world.

The success of LIQUA portfolio

Our portfolio of great flavours is a result of the fantastic work of our own development department. We have never had the ambition of offering hundreds of different flavours; instead, we have decided to focus on a few specially selected flavours which we have perfected – without compromise. In so doing, we have differentiated ourselves from the many brands on the market who vie with each other over who offers the greater number of flavours, something which unfortunately affects their actual quality.

As well as the quality of our e-liquids, we also work on their presentation. We have proposed a design to ensure our products are always clearly recognisable and above all distinctive. This means LIQUA can always be seen in stores, its bold colours representing the nature of each of our flavours standing out. Everyone will find their favourite.

Discover all 6 ranges of LIQUA portfolio

Classic Tobacco 7 flavours for all those who love various tobacco flavours

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Juicy Berries 4 flavours for those who enjoy delicious flavourful berries

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Indulgent Desserts 4 flavours for all those with a sweet tooth and who love coffee

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Energy Enjoyment 3 flavours, which offers an energy flavour whenever you need

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Fruity Freshness 6 flavours, which offers the incredible freshness of fruit

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Cool Menthol 3 flavours, characterised by the icy freshness of menthol and mint

28 great
Italian flavours

Nicotine level: 24, 18, 12, 9, 6, 0 (mg)

Available 10 ml & 30 ml.

Why should you choose LIQUA?

  • Authentic taste

    Very clean, well-balanced and not overpowering taste experience delivering the authentic flavours. Italian flavours from the flavourist experts. Natural nicotine / VG

  • Eye-catching

    Recognizability and visibility on the shelves. Easily distinguishing
    among flavours. Appealing and appreciated.

  • High quality
    for affordable price

    Strict production standards deliver high quality product in accordance of all the most stringent rules and regulations.

  • All-day-vape

    Not so heavy (thinck), not boring after some time. Suitable
    for all-day vape.

  • Friendly
    to e-cig`s HW

    Due to optimal e-liquid consistency there is lower propensity to clogging the atomizer so you can enjoy longer lifespan of clearomizers.

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